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Building Faster. Safer. Stronger.

Smart & Sustainable Accessory Dwelling Units and Tiny Homes in Ontario

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We can work with you through the permitting process, financing process, build process and more!


The Sweetfern

A 320 Square Foot Studio



A 512 Square Foot 1-Bedroom (1).jpg


A750 Square Foot 2-Bedroom



Today if a house is on fire, you have 3 minutes to get out. We think that's unacceptable.

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They don't build cars on driveways. Today's buildings are just as complex, so why build them on site?

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The Construction industry is responsible for over 40% of global C02 emissions. What if there's a way your building could be part of the solution, not the problem?



Material and labour costs continue to skyrocket. Imagine a predictable budget delivered when promised. It's possible.



The average lifetime cost to heat and cool a home in the US is over $21,000. That's a lose-lose for the planet and your wallet.

Our Mission

With interest rates continuing to rise along with the price of rent, it is becoming more and more difficult for many individuals to find affordable living.  This combined with a shortage of quality housing options is what has driven Sunrise Construction to create a New Division: SmartScale Tiny Homes. SmartScale Tiny Homes is an innovative housing provider created to combat the current housing market. With Sunrise Construction's 30 years of construction experience, we can provide a reliable service to our customers. SmartScale's mission is to provide a faster, stronger, and more cost-effective building solution. All this while using an exclusive unique proprietary, sustainable building material that are more environmentally friendly compared to traditional construction.


SmartScale Tiny Homes and Accessory Dwelling Units provide additional living space and potentially provide a revenue generating option for existing homeowners. We realize many people may require Accessory Dwelling Units as the trend continues to grow (Garden Home, Backyard Cottage, Laneway House, Carriage House, etc). Even a guest house! 

Tiny homes near me
Small Modern Backyard Suite
Tiny houses near me

Why are People Building ADUs?

Some people may be looking for some breathing room within their current residence. Some are looking for an investment opportunity through rental income. Some have kids moving back home or parents in a transitory phase. Some simply would like to add an art studio or modern home office as a secondary unit.  All of this is possible with the expertise offered by SmartScale Tiny Homes.

Why Choose Us

SmartScale Tiny Homes is a division of Sunrise Construction.  At Sunrise, we have over 30 years of construction experience. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure a seamless and easy building process.

SmartScale can provide assistance and guidance through the permitting process, helping to obtain financing, accessing Government grants/funding available in specific areas, design expertise and of course, the entire construction process.  

Our Team at SmartScale Tiny Homes would love the opportunity to show you what sets us apart and partner with you on your project.

We operate in Hamilton, St. Catharine's, Niagara Region, Simcoe and Norfolk County, Innisfil, Region of Clarington, all the way up to Parry Sound!

Please follow the link at the bottom of the page to schedule a free no obligation discovery meeting.

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What Sets Us Apart from the Rest

SmartScale Tiny Homes has partnered EXCLUSIVELY with ZS2 Technologies in Ontario. ZS2 Technologies is a tech company based in Alberta, Canada.


This means we are able to utilize their proprietary building materials for your ADU Project! ZS2 is the driving force that enables us to build you a more energy efficient, sustainable, stronger and safer dwelling unit. 

Working in tandem with ZS2 we are able to utilize their TechPanel Product, shifting your project from a traditionally constructed stick framed unit, to a Innovative Structural Insulated Panel System. TechPanel is created with a proprietary Magnesium Concrete Board. Magnesium Concrete has been a round for centuries, however it has never been used like this!


It is lighter than other SIPs (traditionally made with OSB Plywood),  which saves you cost transportation costs and carbon emissions along the way. It is produced with far less energy, and naturally captures CO2 from the air. The product is also fire-proof with 0 flame spread & no off-gassing. The product is also water, mold, pest and bacteria resistant! It is the smartest choice for your family, and a resilient chose for your rental unit!

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