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  • Where can I see a Floorplan/Price?
    Please use our configurator to view the floorplans and finishing options, as well as receive a personalized quote! This way we can also know some other specific site information and provide an accurate quote from the start. Buying a home online has never been easier!
  • How Expensive are Tiny Homes/ ADUs?
    The cost of a tiny home can vary greatly, depending on the size, finishing materials, and amenities included. Our Entry Level Unit Studio Unit (about 350 square feet) Starts at about $89,999 built and installed. The price increases as square footage increases, our largest model is 705 sq. ft. and begins at $246,999. Prices can go up depending on the location of the site, the additions and other customizations. Please contact us for a free site specific quote!
  • What sizes are our Dwelling Units?
    The smallest tiny house we offer is a studio, and is around 320 square feet, with an included loft. The next size up is a 1 bedroom that is 512 square feet. The largest pre-packaged model we offer is up to a 2 bedroom, 705 sqft. unit. All models can be easily extended or reduced by 4 feet in length or width. Our Pre-Packaged Units are designed to be efficient and minimalistic, allowing for maximum space utilization. We also offer customization services if you would like to go smaller, larger, or bring your own floorplans! Custom build services available for custom larger builds, but advanced noticed is required and costs are TBD!
  • What are the advantages of Accessory Dwelling Units/Tiny Homes?
    Living in a tiny home has many advantages, such as lower overall costs, increased flexibility, better energy efficiency, simpler maintenance and cleaning, and a greater connection to the outdoors. Additionally, having a smaller living space can lead to more intentional living and can help to cultivate a more organized lifestyle. Minimalistic lifestyles are becoming more and more trendy, as people try to live simpler lives.
  • Are tiny houses safe?
    Yes, tiny houses are safe when built in compliance with all applicable building codes, safety regulations, and construction guidelines. It is important to take into account local zoning regulations and codes when building and installing a tiny house or accessory dwelling units. Additionally, it is important to ensure that all electrical, plumbing, and heating systems are properly installed and maintained. Using our exclusive TechPanels, the homes (& your belongings inside) are safe from fire, water, mold and pests, and are made with 100% non-toxic materials. TechBoard uses sulphate salts instead of chloride salt results in near-zero chloride content. Other Products contain chloride salts that are 35x more corrosive than sulphate salts! The homes also produce no off-gassing, and actively capture and store carbom from the surrounding atmospheres. This keeps your family/tenants in a healthy and extremely safe environment.
  • What Are ZS2 TechPanels (Structural Insulated Panels)
    TechPanels are an elevated, fully comprehensive, prefabricated building system that allows you to create a fully enclosed building envelope. Just add windows, doors and whatever exterior cladding you want. ZS2 Technologies manufactures and supplies innovative Structural Insulated Panels. SIP’s are high performance panels used in walls, roofs and floors for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. And Now you Accessory Dwelling Units!
  • Why Build With Tech Panel SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels)?
    • 65% reduction in time to construct • 55% Reduction in on-site labor • > 70% reduction in CO2 • Significant ongoing operating savings • 40% reduction in landfill waste • >35% less energy to heat/cool • Precisely engineered panels • Low transportation costs • Versatile applications for walls, roofs, floors and even foundations • Do not lose material structural integrity during flooding or fire events • Exceed some of the most stringent hurricane testing standards • No loss in structural capabilities when submersed in water • Impervious to mould ensuring any flood event will not result in significant remediation costs
  • How can your TechPanels be Finished?
    Our units can be finished on the exterior in any way you may like. We have finishes included in the packages, but if you are looking for a specific material on the exterior, anything can be used. The interiors walls will be finished with a painted surface similar to drywall on the inside. If you would like drywall installed, it is possible, but will significantly impact the timelines.
  • Can I (or my Builder) Finish the Package? What is a Shell Package?
    Absolutely! We offer the "Shell" Package for this reason. This means we will install the foundation, rough plumbing and electrical, walls, roof system, standing seam metal roof, exterior cladding, windows and doors. Everything else inside the home will be left to the DIYer or Builder. This way you can finish it any way you would like and on whatever timeline you choose.

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