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Smart Scale is Changing Construction

Smart Scale Tiny Homes is a dynamic team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing our clients with top-notch build services, and even better customer services!


Smart Scale is driven by key principles of efficiency, sustainability, and collaboration.


It is with these factors always in mind we strive to create affordable living alternatives that are Safe, Stronger and Better for our Planet.

We see many trends growing across Canada, including the demand for smaller, more affordable living spaces. As families continue to age, many Canadians are seeing the benefits to multi-generational living situations. Combine these trends with the continued rise in cost of living, the lack of housing availability, and the influx of immigrants, and it is obvious the country needs solutions.

Commitment to Results

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide creative and affordable housing alternatives, while using products that are safer, stronger, and better for the environment.

We know not all living situations are the same, and everyone wants something different. Many enjoy living with a small footprint, having little effect on the planet.


We believe everyone has the right to a home that is healthy and comfortable, and are working to provide this in any way we can. 

Smart Scale Tiny Homes is a part of Smart Scale Group. An innovative collective of companies that works to help move the construction industry forward, and away from harmful inefficient build practices.

Smart Scale Tiny Homes was founded by Mike Yates, owner and founder of Sunrise Construction (family owned and operated for 13+ years in the GTA). Mike's frustration of traditional building methods, frustration of the housing market and his want for change drove him to create Smart Scale Tiny Homes. Smart Scale focuses solely on supplying affordable, leading-edge housing solutions to the market, with a focus on Tiny Homes and Accessory Dwelling Units. Along with this focus, we have partnered with key manufacturers to bring the best possible package to market.


Our Experience

Our experienced staff are well versed in all aspects of the residential construction industry, and have a passion for innovative building products.


Using the Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) by ZS2, of which each of our models are built, allows us to pursue this passion with no guilt. We are not only creating affordable housing solutions, but our sustainable products stand out from the rest in many ways.

Let's Connect

We look forward to the opportunity to connecting with you to present how we can provide value and expertise to your additional dwelling project.

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633 Enfield Road, Unit 3 Burlington, ON L7T 2X9




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