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The Mission

We were driven by many factures to begin our new adventure: Smart Scale Tiny Homes.

At Smart Scale we care about people first.

Our Models represent Possibility and  Freedom.


Whatever that means to you, let us help you achieve it.

Interest rates continue to rise, rent continues to rise, and it is becoming difficult for people to find affordable housing.  The shortage of quality housing options is what has driven Sunrise Construction to create a New Division: SmartScale Tiny Homes.


SmartScale Tiny Homes is an innovative housing provider created to combat the current housing market. SmartScale's mission is to provide a faster, stronger, and more cost-effective building solution. All this while using exclusive, unique, proprietary, sustainable building materials that are more environmentally friendly when compared to traditional construction.


SmartScale Buildings can provide additional living space, a potential revenue source for existing homeowners, or a unique alternative to traditional living.


 However you envision your Freedom, We want to build it!

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