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Our Tech is Smarter.

Smart Scale works with Cutting edge Research and Development Teams who are constantly improving on the formula.


It's Already the best, but it's still getting better.

All About Magnesium Cement

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Working in tandem with ZS2 we are able to utilize their TechPanel Product, shifting your project from a traditionally constructed stick framed unit, to a Innovative Structural Insulated Panel System. TechPanel is created with a proprietary Magnesium Concrete Board.


Magnesium Concrete has been a round for centuries, however it has never been used like this!

They are lighter than other SIPs (which are unsustainably made with OSB Plywood), saving you cost transportation costs and carbon emissions along the way. It is produced with far less energy, and naturally captures CO2 from the air. The product is also fire-proof with 0 flame spread & no off-gassing, while maintaining water, mold, pest and bacteria resistance!

It is the smartest choice for your family, and a resilient chose for your rental unit!

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