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Building Faster. Safer. Stronger.

Building Smart and Sustainable Accessory Dwelling Units and Tiny Homes in Ontario



Today if a house is on fire, you have 3 minutes to get out. We think that's unacceptable.

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They don't build cars on driveways. Today's buildings are just as complex, so why build them on site?

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The Construction industry is responsible for over 40% of global C02 emissions. We are part of the solution.



Material and labour costs continue to skyrocket. Imagine a predictable budget delivered when promised. It's possible.



The average lifetime cost to heat and cool a home in the US is over $21,000. That's a lose-lose for the planet and your wallet.

Build Your Model

Click Through Our New Configurator to choose the options that suit you best, from size, to kitchen finishes, flooring finishes, and other optional upgrades! 

Receive your offer at the end in a personalized PDF withh your chosen options.


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A 320 Square Foot Studio

Planning a Unique Project?

Do You Have your own Floorplan Picked Out?

Are you looking for multiple units? Building a Resort?

Is there something totally unique about the project you have in mind?

We love building new and exciting projects!

Please Do Not Hesitate to contact us today for all inquiries regarding custom projects!

Image by Federica Galli

Purchase Your Accessory Dwelling Unit, Tiny Home, Guesthouse, Pool-house, Bunkie online in easy steps

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Elevating the Tiny Home Experience with




SmartScale Tiny Homes uses ZS2 Technologies Tech Panels, and other innovations, on our homes. 

This means we are able to exclusively utilize their proprietary building materials

for Your Project! ZS2 is the driving force that enables us to build you a more energy efficient, sustainable, stronger and safer dwelling unit. 

Get inspired...

Modern Tiny Home in a Backyard
Sweetfern on a Lake
Sumac Rendering
Spruce Rendering
ADU Render of Interior
Modern Scandinavian ADU / Tiny Home
Modern Tiny Home in a Field
Modern Twist on our Sumac Tiny Home
SweetFern Studio ADU Model
Tiny house interior tiny fire place
Rendering of a custom model
Custom Model for a campground bunkie
SmartScale-Tiny- Homes Bunkie
Small Accessory Study or Studio
Farm Style White Tiny Home Accessory Dwelling Unit
Beautiful Traditional Backyard Tiny Home
Well Landscaped Accessory Dwelling Unit

Why are People Building Tiny Homes & ADUs?

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People are looking for breathing room within their current residence. Maybe you're looking for an investment opportunity through rental income. Some have kids moving back home or parents in a transitory phase. Others simply would like to add an art studio or modern home office as a secondary unit.  All of this is possible with the expertise offered by SmartScale Tiny Homes.


With trends of multi-generation living continuing to rise, we understand many people may require Accessory Dwelling Units for different needs including:

Garden Home, Backyard Guest House, Laneway House, Studio, or Office Space, Pool-house and more! Some even choose to use us for Cabins or Bunkies!

Check Out Our blog to learn more!

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