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Not Just a Tiny Home #1 - Bunkies: Elevating Your Backyard & Cottage Life with Style and Function

Welcome to our inaugural dive into the enchanting world of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), where we transform your space dreams into architectural realities. As we embark on this series, let's whisk away to where it all gets a little whimsical, a tad more luxurious, and undeniably clever – the Bunkie Edition.

Beautiful Lit Bunkie at night time in the forrest
Modern Bunkie in the woods

Gone are the days when "bunkie" signified a no-frills, rustic cabin lost in the woods. Today, it stands for chic, multi-functional spaces that blend seamlessly with your main cottage, enhancing your lakeside or woodland retreat with both style and substance.

Picture your perfect bunkie: a lakefront nook that captures the morning light, an elegant and eco-friendly addition where you can unwind or get creative. These aren’t mere additions to your property; they're retreats that reflect the modern soul of cottage living. With the innovative ZS2 Technologies’ TechPanels, these structures are not just built; they’re crafted to be energy-efficient, strong, and stunningly modern. Well insulated and capable to handle all 4 of Canada's intense seasons.

TechPanels are a innovative and groundbreaking new take on building envolopes!
ZS2 TechPanel

As we sketch the blueprint of your dream bunkie, it becomes a canvas for expression. Interiors are where the magic happens – every nook designed with intention, every furnishing telling its own story. From the artisan-crafted kitchenette where you brew your morning coffee to the lofted bed under a skylight for stargazing, these spaces are tailored to the tune of your life.

Bunkie equipped for solar capabilities
Bunkie with Off-Grid Capabilities

While my analytical colleague has a keen eye for the practical benefits and financial savvy behind ADUs (trust me, his numbers game is strong), the allure of the bunkie lies in its ability to appeal to our nature-loving hearts and our appreciation for aesthetics. A well-conceived bunkie not only complements your main cottage but becomes a standout feature that elevates the entire property.

Let's not forget the splash they make in the social scene – a beautifully designed bunkie is more than a personal sanctuary; it's a backdrop for memories and shared stories. Whether it’s a minimalist haven or a baroque-inspired hideout, these spaces are Instagram-ready and sure to spark conversation.

This series will walk you through the myriad ways ADUs can revolutionize your living space. From the practical to the fantastical, we'll cover the A to Z of tiny home living – with a special nod to you, the cottage connoisseur, looking to add that extra sparkle to your retreat.

Stay with us as we journey through innovation, design, and the joys of creating bespoke spaces that do more than just exist – they thrive and pulsate with the energy of the great Canadian outdoors. Your backyard fairytale starts here, and it's just as much about the scenic view as it is about a lifestyle that embraces both tranquility and trend.

Prepare to be inspired, for this is just the beginning of something truly spectacular. Welcome to the Smart Scale Tiny Homes Not Just a Tiny Home Series, where your dreams are our next blueprint. Let's redefine what it means to have a bunkie in style.

This is our one bedroom Sumac Model used as our pre-packaged available model.
Smart Scale Tiny Home Sumac Model


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